Medical Devices & Tools

From the clinical bedside to the home environment, implantable device to surgical robot, the way we practice and provide healthcare is changing. New devices are being developed in the move towards individualized care, and digital & continuous monitoring. Tools are being developed that can provide education for the patient, a protocol for the physician, new at-home monitoring systems, connectors to reduce contamination or clotting, and custom components by 3D printing.

Georgia Tech is a world-leader in robotics, computing, sensing, and manufacturing. Georgia Tech engineers develop prototype devices for many different applications. We then work with the Global Center for Medical Innovation, our partners, and others to bring these devices through regulatory approval to commercialization. See a need for a new or improved device? Contact us!

Funded Projects



 PI’s: Christopher Petit


 MRI Training Device

 PI’s: Brad Fain & Sarah Schultz