GT BME Capstone Fall 2022 Call for Projects

What's the answer to your  "I wish I had..." or, "What if we could...?" when it comes to your ideas for enhancing patient care through novel medical device technology? What if you could partner alongside and advise a Georgia Tech Biomedical Engineering (BME) team to investigate and design a patentable solution for that idea in just 16 weeks? 

You can! BME Capstone is currently seeking project proposals for the Fall 2022 semester. When you work with GT BME Capstone, your hand-picked Capstone team works over 500 man-hours per project to ideate, design, and prototype real solutions that address unmet clinical needs.

All healthcare professionals-- physicians, nurses, trainees, emergency technicians, biomedical industry members, and academic researchers-- are invited to work with us!

We are focused on delivering value and actionable results to support project sponsors and healthcare innovators who are on a mission to ultimately benefit patient care. Highlighted accomplishments from the previous academic year include:

  • Two teams published experimental findings supporting their design solutions in two academic journals: a FIRST for the entire Georgia Tech Capstone Program
  1. Team Brainy Bunch, in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic, designed and verified a patient-specific, anatomically accurate, and electrically responsive biomimetic 3D-printed model for use in neurosurgical training and preoperative planning. Their work is now published in Operative Neurosurgery.
  2. Team Project Halo, in collaboration with the U.S. Army Rangers, performed field research and quantified the blast exposure of mortarmen during training exercises. Accepted for publication in Military Medicine. Learn more about the team’s work here.
  • Team Heart Throbs won a $15,000 Venture Prize in the National 2021 DEBUT Challenge for their AusculBand device, a long-distance stethoscope that provides real-time and pre-recorded data to physicians.  Learn more here.
  • Seven teams presented their design work at the Southeast Regional CTSA Conference, another first for our program!

If you have identified a health-care challenge that needs to be solved, Capstone teams are eager to work on it. We look forward to working with you this Spring! 
Submit your idea by Friday July 15th, 2022; 11:59pm EST or contact
New Partnerships Liaison Kyle Cowdrick, MSE for more information.