Nephrotic Syndrome Manager Mobile Application

PI’s: Darryl WrightWilbur Lam & Chia-shi Wang

Nephrotic syndrome is a common chronic kidney disease in children, with high risk of disease relapses and complications. Management requires home monitoring of urine protein by using urine dipsticks. We plan to design a mobile application (app) that harnesses the portability, accessibility, and ease-of-use of smartphones to assist in the reading of urine protein results. The app will perform colorimetric analysis of urine protein dipstick results using the built-in camera. The app will be developed on the iOS platform. The colorimetric analysis function will be designed for a common commercial urine test strip - Chemstrip 2 GP (Roche). The performance of the colorimetric analysis function will be tested under 3 different light conditions across varying degrees of proteinuria using urine samples collected routinely at a nephrology clinic. Accuracy and precision will be compared to a commercial analyzer (Urisys 1100, Roche) and to visual inspection. Our goal is to develop a useful and valid mobile app for the analysis of urine protein on dipsticks.


Wang, C., Boyd, R., Mitchell, R., Wright, W.D., McCracken, C., Escoffery, C., Patzer, R., Greenbaum, L., “Development of a Novel Mobile Application to Detect Urine Protein for Nephrotic Syndrome Disease Monitoring”, BMC Med Inform Decis Mak 19, 105 (2019).