Marcus Autism Center Web based "ePedia"

PI’s: Courtney Crooks, Keith Kline, Anna Valentine-Mitchell, Brian Lee & Felissa Goldstein

Funded by: Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

The Marcus Autism Center (MAC), Cisco, and Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) partnered to develop a state-of-the-art telemedicine suite to serve families in Georgia and neighboring states. Observations of formative design studies and clinical telemedicine/training sessions have revealed the need for an efficient means of organizing, storing, and sharing documents and recorded videos between sites, providers, and caregivers. Providers spend valuable time locating, scanning, and sending these documents because they are not organized in an easily-accessible, centrally-located, standardized manner. While video recording capability is under development via the new telemedicine system and associated data center, video searching or sharing is not currently supported.