Go Baby Go works with parents, clinicians, students and community members from around the world to help to modify to toy ride-on cars for kids with disabilities using D.I.Y mobility design and pediatric innovation. These cars empower children who have trouble moving on their own to be a part of the action at home, in the daycare center and on the playground.

  • Event itself will consist of a building portion as well as a fun festival 

  • For the actual building, no previous engineering or building experience is necessary. The kits are provided with instructions so that any group of people can get together and modify a ride-on car. Thus, all volunteers are welcome for the building experience!

  • After the cars are presented to the children, a small festival will be held for the families, providing them with the opportunity to test out their new ride-on cars as well as socialize and interact with the other children at the event. Food is provided, and we will have various booths with activities for families to partake in!​



To apply to be a part of the team click here!