Development of a Predictive Clinical Model for Concussion Recovery in Children and Adolescents Who Experience Persistent Concussion Symptoms

PI’s: Michelle LaPlaca, Barbara Weissman & May Wang

Relatively little is known about which factors correlate to prolonged post-concussive symptoms in children. This lack of prognostic data has led to uncertainty as to which patients would benefit from specialist management, modified academic accommodations, delayed return to school, or abstinence from high-risk activities. Our goal is to analyze the natural history of children with persistent concussion symptoms using informatics based prognostic decision tools. Specifically, we are interested in mechanism of injury, demographic factors, symptom progression, and ability to return to school/sports.  As a part of this research we are developing a workflow in the clinic from the EMR to REDCap to develop knowledge models for identifying those variables that associate with persistent problems.