Children's Healthcare of Atlanta


Children's Healthcare of Atlanta (Children's) sometimes simply referred to as Children's, is a not-for-profit children's healthcare system, located in the Atlanta area. Children's formed in 1998 when Egleston Children's Health Care System and Scottish Rite Medical Center came together becoming one of the largest pediatric systems in the United States. In 2006, Children's assumed responsibility for the management of services at Hughes Spalding Children's Hospital growing the system to three hospitals.

Today the growing pediatric healthcare system consist of the following:

  • Three Hospitals: Egleston Children's Hospital, Scottish Rite Children's Hospital and Hughes Spalding Children's Hospital
  • 27 neighborhood locations throughout metro Atlanta
  • Six Urgent Care Centers and facilities that offer primary care, sports medicine, rehabilitation, and surgical services
  • Marcus Autism Center


An Inside Look

History of Partnership

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and the Georgia Institute of Technology have a common interest in collaborative research that brings clinicians from Children’s, academic scientists from Emory University and engineers from Georgia Tech together to solve important problems in pediatrics and develop technological solutions for improving children’s health. With the formation of the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Pediatric Technology Center, Children’s and Georgia Tech will provide extraordinary opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration in pediatrics, creating breakthrough discoveries that often can only be found at the intersection of multiple disciplines. The mission of the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Pediatric Technology Center is to establish the world’s leading program in the development of technological solutions for children’s health.



The Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Pediatric Technology Center promotes scientific and engineering research at Georgia Tech covering a wide range of topics important to pediatric healthcare. Investigation at the most fundamental levels of biology and disease can be paired with engineering and data analysis to solve the most practical problems that kids face in diagnosis and treatment at home and in the hospital.

As a part of Georgia Tech, the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Pediatric Technology Center has access to the entire diverse portfolio of the groundbreaking fundamental and applied research that Georgia Tech has to offer. We have broken down the barriers between our schools and colleges to create an interdisciplinary research environment to provide federal agencies, companies, and philanthropic organizations the results they need from research investments.

The Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Pediatric Technology Center is unique in that all projects are clinician-driven and must have a clinical team member as a part of the program. We know that important discoveries often take place at the intersection of disciplines and that clinicians and scientists and engineers all approach problems differently. This diversity allows us to see the whole solution to a problem, not just a part of it. The Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Pediatric Technology Center wants to solve these real-world problems by encouraging the kinds of multidisciplinary collaboration that makes advances possible and by identifying the researchers on campus whose expertise can best solve these clinical problems.

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Return on Both Investment & Mission










Our Center works to understand clinical problems in an effort to find a real solution. We steward every dollar to ensure a solid Return on Investment (ROI) so that we have maximum impact on not just the bottom line, but maximum impact Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s mission. 

This graph demonstrates number of dollars invested in seed grants and the number of dollars our Center brought in government and donor funding as a result of the seed grants. 

Partnership Timeline


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